Banking Relations

Sparkasse Hannover

Banking Relations

Sparkasse Hannover

About the Savings Bank

About the Savings Bank

With 18,520 bn Euro total assets in 2020, Sparkasse Hannover is one of the top ten among the more than 300 German Savings Banks.

Considering Moody's Corporate Family Rating of Aa2 we belong to the best rated banks in the country.

Savings Banks are institutions governed by public law, which are answerable to their municipalities. The institutions of the Savings Banks Finance Group not only cooperate closely in the market, Savings Banks, Landesbanken and central building societies also support one another by means of a joint liability scheme.

This joint liability scheme is an important factor in the stability of the German banking sector. It secures the continued existence of the institutions and, as a result, protects customer deposits without limit as to amount.

Financial Report

Financial Report

In millions of Euros / Number of 2018 2019 2020
Balance sheet total 15,261 16,503 18,520
Volume of Business 15,946 17,404 19,468
Customer loans 11,480 12,292 13,218
Liabilities to non-banks 12,069 12,938 13,908
Net interest income 223 219 217
Net commission income 98 110 114
Administrative expences 236 229 225
Earnings before valuation (DBS) 111.1
(0.74 %)
(0.80 %)


(0,74 %)

Taxes on income 39 34 34
Net income for the year after taxes 20 20 20
Core capital ratio 13.6 12.4 12.3
Cost-income ratio 67.6 64.4 63.6
Number of employees 1,800 1,734 1,666
Number of employees within the
Sparkasse Hannover Group
2,370 2,282 2,188


Credit Ratings of the Savings Banks Finance Group

The rating agency Moody's, the Canadian rating agency DBRS and Fitch confirm the international competitiveness of the Savings Banks Finance Group. The basis for the good results are:

  • long-established franchise in Germany's retail banking market
  • stable profitability and funding structure as well as sound capitalisation
  • sound diversification of risks within the Group using fully developed risk management instruments
  • the "Sparkasse" trade name
  • the high level of co-operation within the Savings Banks Finance Group.

All ratings fully apply to Sparkasse Hannover as member of the Savings Banks Finance Group.

Please find the credit ratings of the Savings Banks Finance Group via the following link.

Standard Settlement Instructions

Our Standard Settlement Instructions


Anti-Money Laundering / Compliance

Sparkasse Hannover is supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). All our policies, procedures and controls are in accordance with FATF standards.

Our understanding of compliance (german information)

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